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The events of this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, reminded me of the brokenness in our world. Racism isn't new; it's been around for centuries. But between television and social media, its existence in our world has never been more inescapable, even for those who don't face it in their everyday lives. As I stood up to preach this past Sunday, I knew I could not give the sermon I had worked all week to prepare. Instead, I went off script to address how people from different walks of life can unite in God's love and stand against unbiblical, demonic racism (listen here,

It is in this season that God has called us to plant Mosaic Church, to bridge the painful divides in our world. As Jesus-Followers, we must reject the "us versus them" narrative, striving instead to be better together in the Spirit and Unity of Jesus.

At Mosaic we don't want to do church as usual, and we won't be silent about the injustices we see in our world. We don't want people to merely show up at church and worship together. We want people to encounter the transformational power of Jesus, to enter into and remain in relationship with God and each other, and to become The Church our world needs.

On September 17th we would like to welcome you to take part in something bigger than yourself. We are each pieces of God's Mosaic, the best parts of us and the worst. Bring all of yourself and witness God build something beautiful. We are better together!

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